Monday, May 12, 2014

Chapter 2 page 13


There is a knock at the door, Kendra goes to answer it and opens the inside door to see Mark standing there all dusty and dirty and looking like he  has just seen a ghost.

 'What happened to YOU? come on in."
 I fell off a big crate. he says.
It's a long story, but I think I know who painted the sign on your van, or I should say, I know where it came from.
"What do you mean, what are you talking about? she inquires.

 "I mean I just came from the Town Council building. He tells her.
 You WHAT, from WHERE?  she says.
Oh. don't worry I don't mean I was  at a meeting.
Ooooohh. she says with a big long sigh.
I was  standing outside looking in  a window, that's  how I fell off the crate.

  What on earth did you see? she asks.
  I saw a meeting going on and a man standing  up front talking to the rest.
Yes, go on. she coaxes him.
I saw a swastika on the wall.
Who is this man, would we know him? she asks.
No,, well I mean I thought it might be Chief Russals but I can't be sure and I don't want it to go any further right now.

Why, she asks.
Well, you would not believe it but well, I'll just say, even when I got a good look at his face, I still cold not be sure it was the guy, he sounded just like him also.
Sounds like they are holding some kind of Nazi organization  over there. I wonder how long that has been going on? she replies.

That is another thing I have to investigate. Mark  says setting down on a dinning room chair to keep from getting the living room furniture from getting dirty.
Well, go wash up in the restroom and  I 'll fix you a sandwich and a glass of lemonade. she says.

Wednesday noon, it is very hot again and Joe Granger opens up the door of his refrigerator to look for something to drink.
All the cans of beer are gone and the liquor of choice is just an empty bottle now on the counter.
He shots the door and grabs his wallet  heads out the door to go down to the local liquor store. Addiction and Hopelessness is a his heals and Addiction is guiding his eyes to look for the sign that reads, Liquor Store, coaxing him a long.

Just before he gets there, he runs into a little boy with a bible and a gospel track.
Good afternoon sir, I'd like to invite to our service this evening.
If your from the Jehovah's Witness IBM not interested. Granger remarks.
No sir, I'm talking about the Church Of The Word of God sir, the boy replies.

The two demons that accompany Granger are both hissing and whispering in a raspy voice. "Hisss, get away from here you, get that bible away from here too.
The boy just smiles and out of politeness, Granger grabs the track out of his hand  and walks on to the liquor store and there is it, a big glass window with all kinds of liquors in big bottles on display. The sign reads "OPEN"  so he pushes it, the bell tinkles above. Good afternoon Mr. Granger! the clerk behind the counter  greets him.
Good to see you again (AGAIN)  he says with a big smile.

 After afew minutes, , he walks out with a small brown bag and Addiction on one side and hopelessness on the other , they are grinning devilishly in fiendish delight.

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